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Thursday, 6 November 2008

excision - darkside dubstep (2006)

01. Ramandanman - Dynamic Balancing (Ramadanman001)
02. Distance - Replicant
03. Distance - Cyclops
04. Distance - Empire
05. Skream - Traitor
06. Distance - Trust My Logic
07. Search & Destroy - Anger
08. Reso - Curse (Dub)
09. MRK1 - Ready For It
10. Vex'd - Thunder
11. Skream - Lightning
12. Emalkay - Frequency
13. Docwra - Grit Trench [Dubplate]
14. MRK1 - From Deep
15. Docwra - Dropping Bombs [Dubplate]
16. Distance - 1 On 1
17. Loefah - Goat Stare
18. Vex'd - Angels
19. Distance - Traffic
20. Ekaros - Bass Train [Dubplate]
21. Skream - Rottan
22. Headhunter - 7th Curse
23. N-Type - Misunderstood
24. Mushug - 2012 [Dubplate]

download here (right click -> download/save target)

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