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Thursday, 6 November 2008

dz - summer promo mix 2008

side a

DZ - Fitted

Antiserum - Shockwide

Woogie - End Dub

Sukh Knight - Chicken Curry 

DZ - How We Do (round here) 

High Deaf - Dubplate One 

L-Vis1990 - Change The Game (Starkey RMX) 

Bombaman - Block Letters 

TRG - Oi!! Killa!! 

DJG - Screwball 

Buraka Som Systema - Kalemba (Reso RMX) 

DZ - Chalice Dub VIP 

DZ - Hella 
Speculum - Nympho (Mowgli RMX Bombaman Re-Edit) 

Kozee ft Werd2Jah - Spit Fyre 

Stenchman - Atomic Drugs Activated 

Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love (DZ RMX) 

DZ - Down 
Vista - Forcefield 

DZ - Break It Down 

Pawn & Emu ft Werd2Jah - Headshot 

Bowzer & DZ - Forgotten Moments...

side b

Bowzer & DZ - Forgotten Moments

Alias - Enough (Bombaman RMX) 

DZ - War Machines 

Woogie - Chain Reaction 
XI - Soul 

DZ - The Jump Off 

Babylon System - Get On Up 

Stenchman - Make Ya Face Crack 

DZ & Loetech - Amped 

Bombaman - Mr Muskrat 

DZ - The Fireman 

High Deaf - Join My Cult 

Will Blaze - Woop Woop 
Dubsworth ft Bakir - Pudding
Starkey vs MOVES!! - This Madness 

Genetic.Krew - Blood Skank (DZ RMX) 

RaKoon - Yeaah! 
DZ - Manners 

Loetech - Lighters (12th Planet RMX) 

Reso - If Ya Can't Beat Em... 

Stenchman - Computer Expert 

High Deaf - Once The Drugs Are Done 

DZ - Strong On Ya (DZ RMX) 

Afrika Bambaata - Planet Rock (High Deaf RMX) 

Starkey - Gutter Music 
Dubsworth - Busted Brain 

Uncle Sam - Round The World Girls (DZ RMX) 

SPL & Roommate - Gangster 

DJG & Antiserum - The Tide

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download side b here (right click -> download/save target)

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